napping outdoors

park kids

Mostly, it has been too cold and wet to get out.  But when we can, we do.  I like few things more this time of year than throwing stones in the river.  But card games and coffee will do this chilly April.

Many things I would like to do that require two hands and a whole brain do not get done.  Most of these involve writing.  A number of lists have sprung to mind this spring.  Lists I would like to write, but cannot devote myself to.  Like 100 Rules of Dinner (always have good cream on hand, add more pepper…).  Things to Teach my Three Year Old (the trees in our neighborhood, bird songs, War, how to crack an egg…).  Rules for Life with Young Children (eat well, plenty of fresh air, babies should nap outside as much as possible, say yes more…).

Lists will come, writing will come, summer will come.  All in good time.  I haven’t even ordered my seeds.


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