rules of summer

tomatoes waiting

pre-dinner walks

Rules of Summer (2013 edition)

  1. Learn something new.
  2. Skip stones.
  3. Get behind on the news.
  4. Draw.
  5. Carry with me: tree guide, water bottle, scissors (for wildflowers), pencil, journal, book to read with the kids, handkerchief, $5
  6. Avoid the internet.*
  7. Eat meals by the river often.
  8. Create more, consume less.**
  9. Lay in the grass.
  10. Sun tea.
*My specific rule is no internet Monday through Friday night after the house is clean, excepting a daily e-mail check and work on a MOOC I will be taking (see rule #1).
**For me, this means listening to fewer podcasts and writing about what I read.

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