growing scallions, pickling greens


We’ve been having sewer problems that have consumed much of this last week.  And for a few days, it looked like it was going to cost us an arm and a leg.  More than that, really.  And now, it looks like it won’t.

And it’s a strange thing, but I am trying to revisit that feeling of loosing so much of our material wealth (which is not much, really).  I am trying to keep living in that place.  Because instead of anxiety or grief, I found so much gladness there. And gratitude.

Because sunshine is free, and fresh water and clean air.  Kindness is free, and so is beauty.  We have each other.  Good health.  Plenty.  More than plenty.

And when I am loosing the rest, I don’t just know that.  I feel it.  All over.  Everywhere.  In my body.  In my toes.  Somehow, when I am more secure, it is some fact I have to remind myself.  I can miss it all so easily.  Why is that?

For as long as I can, I want to hold onto loss.  I want to forget that I am not loosing .  I want to remember that I have everything.

We have everything, you and I.


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