on blogging

Thomas Reed and a dinosaur

I have no good reason to blog.

There are enough mommy blogs in the world.  Really.  And I have plenty of things to occupy my time.  I spend all my day with three (!) kids.  I go to school full time online.   I started a sensible, quasi-professional blog about my online learning experience*.  I am working on a young-adult novel.  I journal. I like my husband.

I have no reason to blog.  But then again, I really do.

That is,  I like blogging.  It’s dopey, but it’s true.  I like writing something down and sending it out into the world.  I like my life.  I like sharing it.

So, anyway, thanks for coming.  I am so glad to be back.


*Note:I still don’t know how I feel about doing anything sensible and/or quasi-professional, but that’s another topic entirely.  If instructional design is your thing, you can read it here.


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