they come as a set

siblings II

They come as a set these days, Reed and Helen.  I always hoped they would.

They wake up together, eat together, make each other laugh.  Before sleeping, they have taken to snuggling down on the bottom bunk.  It’s Helen’s bed; Reed doesn’t let her snuggle on his.  She doesn’t mind.  She lets him turn her pillow from the picture of Percy (the side of her pillow she prefers) to the picture of Thomas (the side Reed likes).  A gracious host.

There are squabbles, to be sure.  Like when Helen bit Reed’s arm in the bath tonight and he cried and she was put on time out wrapped in a towel.  But every time we read Madeline and we get to the page where the little girl is being measured on a stool, Helen points to Madeline and says “That’s Helen!” and points to the tailor and says “And that’s Reed!”  And I find it perfect.

Also perfect: the way little kids’ hair dries after a bath.  What is it about that?


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