delia and destiny

december messes

Most afternoons we eat popcorn, and yesterday as I stood at the stove I listened to Terry Gross interview Delia Ephron.

I have been thinking about the way the Ephrons were raised.  “With a sense of destiny,” is how I think Delia put it.  They were raised to be writers.  In the end, that’s what they all became.

I wonder a lot about this: sense of destiny, stories.  In some ways, they are useful and human.  In others, they are deception.  Delia Ephron acknowledged that, and I was glad, because narrative is hip, and I am sick of it.

And on the other hand, I wonder.

One thing I know is that Delia Ephron described sitting down at her desk at 4:00 to work.  I would like to sit down to my desk to work, but maybe at 9 in the morning instead of 4.  I think maybe everything would be simpler for me if I had a sense of destiny about being a writer.  And then again, maybe it wouldn’t.

And maybe being heavy handed with a sense of destiny is deception.  But maybe with a lighter hand, it is something good, something we can give.

Happy popcorn popping.



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