the cold days

paperwhites growing

This cold that reminds me of the winters we had when I was young: throwing water from the back door to see if it would ice on its way to the ground, blowing bubbles that froze in the air, sitting in the kitchen around the wood burning stove.  My mom hated winter but loved days the school closed in cold or snowy weather.  Kids can always tell what their parents love.

It’s been a frigid start to the season, and it makes me think about how delicious spring is after a very cold winter.  Also about relocation.  And I think about how glad I am to live in a world that is not entirely tame: a world that still foils our plans to live as efficient citizens of the modern world.

It is very, very cold, and we stay inside today, and that is not all bad.  Certain things are really nice on a very, very cold day.

Things that are really nice on a very, very cold day:

  1. paper airplanes (folding, throwing, racing)
  2. building with blocks
  3. building with Lego
  4. warm chocolate pudding
  5. sitting down with seed catalogs and a pen
  6. reading Maurice Sendak aloud
  7. reading through cookbooks silently
  8. being a little wild or weird
  9. laughter

And what else?  Please share.  And enjoy these icy days.



3 thoughts on “the cold days

  1. * a dependable furnace
    * a warm fire
    * roast in the crock pot, potatoes
    * a good bowl of soup
    * the crisp clarity of the blue sky, white snow, and sunshine
    * the quietness of frigid
    * a mattress pad heater

  2. You are absolutely right
    I loved when you kids had off of school on cold and snowy days. I always hated when summer and holiday breaks ended too. Actually, I confess, that even staying home with you kids when you were sick was had a level of good feelings involved in it to me…
    Cold Days-
    On cold days, doesn’t it almost seem a necessity to bake bread or cookies?Or what about eating homemade soup with a warm grilled cheese sandwich gooey and perfectly golden brown.
    And what about sitting by the wood burning stove playing board games or cards .
    Ahhhh, warm memories-
    Thank you

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