february sun, something good

all valentine's day all the time
When I think of February, I think of my Elementary school playground.

The huge snowdrifts by the blacktop were shrunken and sooty, and a saline slush soaked winter coats, boots, hats, snow-pants.  I liked to suck on my mittens and taste that slush.  It tasted dirty and salty and good.

This February is nothing like that.  It is all sun and bitter-cold, glass-like snow. But I have come around to February.  I like anticipation, and I like quiet.  February has plenty of both.

I have been collecting picnic blankets and planning seed purchases.  Lengthening days do me good; spring is on my mind and in my heart.

And it takes a bitter winter to really enjoy spring.  I really believe that.  At least this year.

I think we are all in for something good.


One thought on “february sun, something good

  1. We’re having a sunny day here in “northern” California, as well…after about four days straight of rain. I honestly didn’t mind the rain since we’re in the middle of a drought…but it was nice to have the sun out again 🙂

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