late winter light

We brought two prisms and hung them- one in the kitchen for morning light, one upstairs for afternoon.  We catch the rainbows in our hands, make them dance.  Reed says we need one for every room, and I agree.  I agree heartily.

Enjoyment, fun, beauty: we over-complicate them.  Balls and blocks are the best toys, and yardless, my kids are happy to circle the house again and again, hunting bugs, jumping in puddles.  And me, I like prisms that make tiny rainbows on my kitchen walls.  Playing records.

Enjoyment, fun, beauty: I forget to find these things and try to buy them.  I forget to light the candles.  I never forget to check my e-mail.

Maybe someday the wind will blow the other direction.  Today I will order seeds.  I will remember to buy snapdragons in every color.


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