Weekend Breakfast

Margot has been crawling for a couple months, but today was the first day she got speed enough to follow me around the house. She is delighted with herself, and spends most of her time crawling after me with a hammy smile. Like it’s what she has been wanting to do this whole time.  I think it probably is.

Margot is a mover and a thinker.  She likes to be in on the fun.  She is almost one now, and it is beginning to feel like it.  It’s a good feeling.  Celebratory.  That second year is such a big one and such a favorite.

I know birthdays are supposed to be bittersweet for mothers.  I’m sure someday they will be.  But for now, I love them.  I love watching my kids grow older, and I like growing older myself.  It’s more life, right?  And I’m always ready for it.

Margot the one-year-old.  I’m ready.


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