to Margot, on her first birthday

Margot Louise Whitlock
MargotThe night you were born, I wasn’t ready.  “Not tonight,” I thought as I lay down to sleep.  “Not tonight.”  There was so much I wanted to do before you came.

But then you did come.  And it was just right.  Of course it was.  You know what you were about, Margot.  I like that about you.

The thing they don’t tell you about babies is how they change before your eyes.  For months you will have a newborn and then (so quickly! maybe over the course of a week) the newness of the baby fades and they grow into something new right in front of you.  These last few days have been one of those shifts.  Suddenly you are older, always exploring, always playing, and always talking and dancing and building.  You’ve got spark.

Thanks for this year, Margot.  We have all loved sharing it with you.

You are going to love being a one-year-old.



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