these days

artist II“I am going to school, too, mom.”

“You are?”

“Yes.  Not 4-K.  A different school by Reed’s school.  My teacher’s name is Ms….Don’tfalldown.  She likes to bring everyone blue moon ice cream all the time.”


These days Helen talks as much as ever and Reed always seems to have  tomato seeds in his hair.  He has at long last discovered the joy of a bicycle, and is out riding as soon as his teeth are brushed.  Helen annoys him at the table by singing.  We are constantly talking about table manners.

And Margot is more a part of this world than she ever was, before.  She is learning how to ask for things without screaming (an appreciated skill if there ever was one) and slowly transitioning into the biped life.  She gets as many laughs and as many tomatoes as she can, and I like that about her.  There is a lot to like about Margot, that logical, fun-loving, strong-willed girl.




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