school year



School.  This is the first year that autumn has meant a return to school in our family for anyone but me.  Reed has had three days of 4-K, now, and it is a new rhythm for us, and we are both still figuring out what to make of it.

For now, Reed knows he likes the big plastic slide in the classroom and he likes the other kids.  When asked if he does a good job of listening to the teacher, he replied “Well, what about the other kids?  The other kids are so interesting.”

For now, I know I like walking to drop Reed off, walking to pick Reed up, seeing the other parents and kids and backpacks all in a row, and how it feels when Reed comes home and we all eat lunch together and tell stories from earlier days and read a book.

Here be Monsters! we are reading.  We sit around our too-small table loaded with plates and jam and knives and cups and straws and read Here be Monsters!  We love it, all of us.  And I think we all love that moment, too.  Coming home.  Eating food.  Reading a book around a table.


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