Venice, January ’14

When I visited California last winter, I had no idea we would be moving there.  Nor did I know it two weeks ago when Adam was flying out to Silicon Valley to interview for a job we both assumed he wouldn’t take.  We had other plans.  Good ones.

I didn’t know we would be moving to California until after the interview, when I heard the sound of Adam’s voice on the phone.  Until I stayed up half the night naming all the reasons not to go (cheddar and apples, coming in and warming up, Silicon Valley). Until I woke up the next morning wanting it anyway.  Wanting it completely.  And feeling good.  A little scared, but really good.

In the next couple of months, we will be sorting through our things, painting our walls, selling our house.  We will be emptying, arranging, flying.

Meanwhile, I am finishing my semester. Making meals, writing books, putting the dishes away.  Dropping Reed off at school.  Kicking around a soccer ball.  Changing Margot’s diapers.  Putting up Helen’s hair.

We are moving to California.  It will be a little scary.  But mostly, I think it will be really, really good.


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