soccer at the middle school


Reed got a soccer ball for his birthday, and we have gotten in the habit of going out in the evenings- after naps and before dinner, going out to the middle school and kicking around the soccer ball.

I never bring my camera, but it is one of the things I want to remember most.  I want to remember the low sun, the autumn jackets, the way a ball has of making things interesting, the boys standing up by the school, waiting to be picked up from wresting practice.

Now Margot is sitting in a box on the living room floor, things pell-mell around her from the pre-move decluttering that has been a constant (and a kind of pleasure) this last week.  The walls are freshly painted. I am going to make dinner.

But the thing I want to remember most is going out and kicking around a soccer ball.  And Helen kicking the big green frog ball with her little legs and Margot running around and laughing and that good low sun and autumn air.


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