Come Back Together

"take a picture of THIS"

Five days of school is too much.  For anyone, really.  Reed only has five day weeks once or twice a month, and that is plenty for us both.  By Thursday, after the to and fro of the week, I am so ready for us all to come back together.  To have a slow breakfast that lasts nearly until lunch.  To take turns singing with Helen while Margot dances.  To talk about our favorite Hogwarts teachers instead of who is in the blue group or what Bryce said.

Yesterday I talked with a friend who takes afternoon naps to help her come back together.  Today I followed her lead and took a few minutes to shut my eyes while the girls did, and Reed built things on the floor.  Of the twenty minutes on the sofa, I maybe slept five minutes, then ran to the oven to take out the roast.  But in the end I came back together.

There should always be room for that.  Fridays off.  Afternoon naps.  The days after Christmas when you aren’t going here or there and the presents get put away and you eat normal food and sleep normal sleep and exercise.  There should always be room to come back together.  And maybe that starts with five minutes’ sleep on the sofa.


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