on the colder days

morning snow

I had been dreading the snow since Adam left. And then it came. On Saturday, we woke to snow. We bundled up, picked up the long-dormant snow-shovels, and cleared the walk.

It was wonderful.

snow angels

We walked to the library and had snowball fights and smiles on our faces. And Sunday the cold came in, the bitter cold I had been dreading since Adam left. This morning I bundled the kids, really bundled them, for the one-block walk to Reed’s school. I was in a sour mood, trying to get everything set, everyone fed and everyone’s bodies well-covered while they had other things in mind.

But when we stepped out into that bitter cold I had been dreading, the sky was still pink and was fresh and bright. And the trees looked cold and good and the air was not unfriendly. We were wool-wrapped and warm enough for the short walk there and back, despite the frigid weather.

It’s cold outside, and we’re doing just fine.


One thought on “on the colder days

  1. Sometimes the cold weather is far worse in theory than in actuality…and getting out in it for a brisk (but short!) walk can feel good! But facing the snow removal and keeping the house warm alone, that is hard. Hang in there.

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