on march in the valley, the things I miss

sunday supper
Spring does come to California. The leaves are unfurling, our skin is beginning to brown, and everywhere you walk are patches of impossibly fragrant air, like Hot Steams from some hidden flowers.

March has always been a favorite season of mine, partly because it is my birthday month, partly because it is a little bit disagreeable, at least in Wisconsin. Truth be told, I miss that March. Spring always seems so impossible, so impossibly good, at the end of a Wisconsin winter. It is short and erratic and impossible. But it is deeply felt.

These are things I miss about Wisconsin:

  • spring
  • melting-snow smell
  • weather that changes twenty degrees within a week
  • the bread and the cheese, and knowing just which I like, and where to buy them, and the people selling them to me and the people who make them
  • its smallness
  • the less awesome, but more everyday natural beauty- like walks on the river

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