when school is done

on the gate
Some people wish they could be students forever, but not me.

During school, every room is booked. Nothing gets in except to the lobby or through the cracks in the windows and doors. I like my mind airier. Leave the doors and windows open and the floor swept and see what mosies in.

I don’t know what makes a person want to be a student forever. And I don’t know what makes a person not or how different people keep house in the rooms of their minds. I’m sure I’ll be poking around and constructing funny little theories, because I just can’t seem to resist funny little theories, no matter how old I get.

But two days ago, I submitted my final assignment, and for two days, I have felt like myself. Studenthood is fine here and there- for a while, with long breaks- but every day now (all two of them), I get to remind myself that this, right here, is it. The rest of my life. And it makes me happy.

And sure, it the rest of my life during school, too. But somehow it wasn’t.

And now it is. And it feels like stretching out on the whole bed when you’re used to sharing. And the bed has fresh sheets that were dried outside. That’s what graduation feels like. And it feels like waking up to a clean house when you have had plenty of sleep.


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