holi days

2015-12-12 08.32.40 1
This morning, I brewed the coffee to weak. There is no redeeming that.

But just about everything else is redeemable- Helen moped the floors for me, unasked, while I cleaned up lunch, shared with her sister. Margot got over her cold and found a hobby. And I remembered to relax more, to say yes more. Today.

These days we find ourselves oriented around evenings. The darkness sets in, the candles are lit, there is some music and something to eat and something to read. I am not “good” at Christmas- not in the sense of a flurry of baking or making or wrapping or shopping or activity or Christmas magic. But when darkness sets in, I can string an extra set of twinkle lights, hand you some gingerbread, ask if you want to stand up in front of the fireplace and sing a song. And that’s enough, I think. Enough for me anyway.

Christmas in California is strange, but I don’t mind. A neighbor pulled persimmons from the tree and replaced them with red and gold baubles. Biking by, she asked if we wanted any of the fruits, and now we eat persimmons like kings.

Biking, candles, slicing persimmons. Next time I will brew the coffee stronger.


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