theory #62


In writing, they say there are plotters and pantsers.

Or they say, for some writers, writing is primarily an act of creation. For other writers, it is foremost an act of discovery.

And that’s more interesting.

But no one wants to hear about writers. And if they do, they don’t want to hear about the act of writing.* It’s only interesting when you think that maybe everything is either  primarily an act of creation or discovery. We all are creators or discoverers. Of our lives. And days. And dinners. Not one-or-the-other, click this box or that, but a sliding scale, more here than there or somewhere in between.

Last month I tried to write a children’s book. I couldn’t finish; I already knew the ending. And I sat at a table in high school with a girl who knew she wanted to be a nurse and get married when she was 28 and have her start her family when she was thirty, and then she did.

And maybe none of this means anything at all. But maybe we all are primarily either creators or discoverers. Maybe we plan. Maybe we go with the flow. And maybe it’s not because we are “Type A” or “Type B,” or a “J” or a “P.” Maybe it’s just because we love to create. Maybe it’s just because we love to discover.

*This interview with Louis C.K. may be an exception, if you can handle rough content (and there is a lot).



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